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The Adecco Group CEO for One Month Program

Imagine a summer internship that allows you to go straight to the top of a Global Fortune 500 organization. That’s exactly what our CEO for One Month Program is all about—it’s your opportunity to meet, travel with and learn from our company’s top executives. Do something extraordinary this summer—become our next CEO for One Month.

Enjoy everything that comes with
being a CEO.

Get executive-level experience—in one incredible summer month.

Impress your future employers

Elevate your resume with real world work experience.

Next-Level Networking

You’ll be making new professional contacts all over the country—and the world.

The Exec Paycheck

Set yourself up with the opportunity earn $10,000.

Check out the highlights from the 2017 program!

How Do You Become CEO for
One Month?

  1. Step 1: Apply

    First, you’ll need to submit your contact information. Next, we’ll reach out to you to get your resume, an elevator pitch and an introductory video. Deadline is April 16.

  2. Step 2: Interview

    We’ll let you know if you’ve been chosen as a finalist and then we’ll schedule an interview with you, so you can make your case to be CEO for One Month.

  3. Step 3: Meet the competition

    If you make it to this phase (we'll let you know either way), we’ll bring you in, all expenses paid, to work with the rest of the Adecco Group’s top interns alongside our executives. Begins in May.

  4. Step 4: Compete in the U.S. Boot Camp

    You and your fellow interns will come to the Adecco Group North America headquarters in Jacksonville, FL where you’ll participate in a series of challenges to see who rises to the top.

  5. Step 5: Be CEO for One Month in the U.S.

    If you take the top prize and become our next CEO for One Month in the U.S., you'll start right away and spend the month of June working with our executive team and earning a $10,000 salary!

  6. Step 6: Become Our Global CEO for One Month

    As our U.S. CEO, you’ll have the opportunity to take your experience to the next level. If selected, you’ll join another boot camp with other interns from all over the world. Together, you'll compete to become the Adecco Group Global CEO for One Month (which comes with another nice paycheck)!

Picture yourself working
with these leaders.

Get to know a little about our top executives—you could be working with them very soon.

  • Profile picture of Joyce Russell

    Joyce Russell


    Adecco USA

    Charlotte, NC

  • Profile picture of David Alexander.

    David Alexander


    Adecco Group Finance, Office and Healthcare

    Atlanta, GA

  • Profile picture of Ger Doyle.

    Ger Doyle


    Modis - Enterprise Solutions

    Jacksonville, FL

  • Profile picture of Laurie Chamberlin

    Laurie Chamberlin


    Special Counsel

    Washington D.C.

  • Profile picture of Phil Noe.

    Phil Noe

    Chief Information Officer

    Adecco Group, North America

    Jacksonville, FL

  • Profile picture of Rich Thomas.

    Rich Thompson

    Regional Head of Human Resources

    Adecco Group North America, UK & Ireland

    Jacksonville, FL

  • Profile picture of Todd Pulley.

    Todd Pulley

    Vice President of Finance

    Adecco, North America, UK & Ireland

    Jacksonville, FL

  • Profile picture of Trent Beekman.

    Trent Beekman


    Modis - Recruitment Solutions

    Jacksonville, FL

  • Profile picture of Kevin McLeod.

    Kevin McLeod



    Greater Boston Area, MA

  • Profile picture of Corrine Ripoche

    Corinne Ripoche



    Jacksonville, FL

That's everything you need to know. Now it's up to you.

The best CEOs know when to take a risk. And this is one chance you don’t want to pass up. Start the application process today. Who knows? You could be our next CEO for One Month.

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