Athlete Career & Education Program

The Olympic spirit runs strong across the Adecco Group. Through our partnership with the International Organizing Committee and National Committees in various countries, we have provided employment assistance to more than 8,500 Olympic and Paralympic athletes around the world since 2005.

In the United States, we are proud sponsors of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and partner with them on the Athlete Career & Education Program. Two unique versions of the program have been developed to connect employers with this world-class talent — one for USOC sponsor companies who have access to talent on Team USA, and the general Athlete Career & Education Program for non-USOC sponsor companies.

Athlete Career & Education Program

US Athlete Career & Education Program

The Athlete Career & Education Program supports elite athletes by:

  • Providing career development training and job preparation support
  • Learning about individual needs and goals
  • Preparing and refining resumes
  • Facilitating employment administration services
  • Connecting athletes to career coaches

Team USA Career Program

The Team USA Program is exclusively for U.S. National Team Athletes and U.S. Olympic sponsor companies. In addition to the advantages offered by the Athlete Career & Education Program, the Team USA Program connects eligible athletes to opportunities with participating USOC Sponsors and provides insurance coverage.

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