Athlete Career & Education Program

The Olympic spirit runs strong across the Adecco Group. The International Olympic Committee’s Athlete Career Programme in cooperation with Adecco has provided employment assistance and transitional support to more than 22,000 elite in over 180 countries since 2005.

For thousands of athletes, competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games represents their ultimate goal, realized only after many years of hard training. However, only a small handful will make it, and fewer still will make it big in the form of endorsement deals, sponsorships and professional contracts. Most athlete hopefuls have to seek flexible employment opportunities while they are training so they can afford to pursue their Olympic and Paralympic dreams.

In the U.S. we are a proud sponsor of the United States Olympic Committee’s Athlete Career and Education Program. Adecco is making it a little easier for US Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls around the country to pursue their dreams. Adecco provides career services including resume preparation, interviewing skills, career assessments, and additional transition support including personalized job placement assistance.

You can be a part of our proud team by making an elite athlete a part of your organization. When you hire an athlete, you gain an employee with elite skills – unwavering focus, intense drive, international experience, team play and a commitment to winning, and more. The moral boost an Olympic or Paralympic athlete can bring to your work place is something you won’t find on any resume!

If you are interested in hiring an athlete or learning more about the ACE Programme, please contact the ACE mailbox at:

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