Focus on military families

The Adecco Military Alliance is a partnership between Adecco and military installations around the country to recruit and hire military spouses and veterans. Through this program we have established a specific military families hiring initiative that includes; recruiting from military job fairs, through military job boards, and from military bases in the US.

Military spouses play a critical role in supporting our troops and our country. But due to the nature of military careers, their own career options and resources are often more limited. That’s why Adecco partnered with the military services to create the Adecco Military Alliance program to create a strong support system and help ensure their professional success. Because Adecco is nationally accessible and specializes in flexible work arrangements, military spouses can work with us from almost anywhere they are transferred.

Veterans face a different set of challenges when transitioning from a military career to a civilian career. Adecco and our clients understand the value they can bring to the workplace, and we are committed to helping veterans re-enter the civilian workforce and build a new career.

We can connect military spouses and veterans with the right opportunity to meet their needs and goals — whether that is a full- or part-time job opportunity, we have contacts at companies of all sizes, in every part of the country, and in a variety of industries.

In addition to job placement, we also provide additional career support, including:

  • Career counseling
  • Resume enhancement
  • Interview training
  • Online skills training available any time, any place

For more information about the Adecco Military Alliance program please email us at

Adecco is a proud partner of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership and the Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces.


US Army Reserve Private Partnerships 100,000 Jobs Mission



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