Through our global Win4Youth program, a cornerstone of  our social responsibility initiative, all employees, clients and  associates have the opportunity to engage in physical activities  to raise funds that support the education and integration of  young people into the labor market. The focus of the program is  on assisting youth living in underprivileged communities to gain  an education, thereby enhancing their quality of life and ability to gain meaningful employment. We achieve this by participating in local sporting activities, some of which are sponsored by our headquarters and some of which are community organized by our colleagues.

Donations to our designated youth charities are based on our participation rate and local efforts, and this has led to some truly outstanding achievements:

Win4Youth 2014
Win4Youth 2014

Our global Colleagues cycled 2,223,094 kilometers raising $375,000 for charities in Cambodia, Poland, Italy, Argentina, and Portugal. At home 604 participants cycled a total of 90,432 kilometers landing North America in 10th place, overall. Over 70 colleagues cycled in the Col du Tourmalet in the midi-pyrennes region of France in late August 2014. The Col du Tourmalet is a famous (and infamous!) stage of the Tour de France – each one of the Adecco ambassadors made it passed the finish line in outstanding fashion, showing their dedication, training and passion for the Win4Youth cause. Additionally, North American colleagues participated in Solidarity Month in September 2014. Through local events they raised $8,879 for Tuesdays Children, an organization that supports children and families directly affected by 9/11.


Win4Youth 2013Win4Youth 2013

We set a global goal of running and walking 500,000 km but far exceeded this distance with a total 700,840 km. Over 21,000 colleagues, 9,000 clients and 2000 associates ran for more than 11,000 events in over 60 countries. The U.S. placed 5th overall in the standings with more than 50,000 km over the course of the year. When we added Canada and Puerto Rico into the mix, North America placed 2nd overall in the world standings with over 65,000 km. The main event was the 31st Athens Classic Marathon – over 70 employees from all facets of the company ran as ambassadors in the Win4Youth program. In the U.S. more than 650 Adecco Group colleagues participated in a Win4Youth Solidarity Day Run/Walk. Together, we ran or walked 3,250 kilometers and raised $3,251 for The One Fund Boston, created to raise for the families most affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. Our Canadian colleagues turned in an outstanding effort, raising over $1,200 for the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

Win4Youth 2012Win4Youth 2012

Adecco Group colleagues and clients circled the world 24 times and surpassed 1 million total kilometers for several fantastic causes.The year’s highlight event was the Garmin Triathlon in Barcelona, competed by over 60 employees. In North America, we ran, biked and swam over 120,000 km to raise over $40,000 in support of 7 local charities through our Tri as One program.

Win4Youth 2011Win4Youth 2011

More than 16,500 colleagues and 4,000 clients in 63 countries came together to cycle more than 1.5 million kilometers worldwide (that’s 35 times around the globe!) and raise over $330,000 for three extraordinary charities. The highlight of the year’s activities were a greuling climb up Mont Ventoux, one of the toughest courses in professional cycling, by over 70 employees. Adecco Group North America also organized an exciting tour across America, featuring cycling events in 40 cities over the course of 60 days. We raised $40,000 for a variety of local organizations in addition to the global donations, cycling over 89,000 kilometers.

Win4Youth 2010Win4Youth 2010

In 2010, Adecco Group colleagues ran 230,000 kilometers — which would span the world five times — and raised $230,000 for youth charities in Spain, Haiti, France, Chile, India and the United States. Adecco Group North America ran more than 22,100 of those kilometers. Our efforts culminated with a team of 65 employees from across the world running the New York City Marathon.

Each year features a new athletic challenge, new goals and new charities to support. Each year our following grows and we have more clients and associates participate by our sides. Each year, we raise more money and impact the lives and futures of more and more children from around the globe.

Here is a list of the global charities we have supported over the years:

  • Education for Haiti (Haiti)
  • Entreprendre pour Apprendre (France)
  • Fundación de Solidaridad Romanos (Chile)
  • Fundació Èxit (Spain)
  • Parikrma Humanity Foundation (India)
  • The National Urban League (United States)
  • Boys Home in Cebu (Philippines)
  • Community Homes for Children (Greece)
  • Social Circus in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  • The Library Project (China)
  • L’Heure Joyeuse (Morocco)
  • Foundation for Youth Development (New Zealand)
  • To Walk Again (Belgium)