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An internship at the Adecco Group North America corporate headquarters can be exactly what you need to kick start your professional career. Spend your summer working at a Global Fortune 500 company and gain applicable skills for a wide variety of professions. Throughout the internship students get the opportunity to work alongside our leaders while learning and engaging in an area that interest them. The Adecco Group is a place where you can learn about yourself as a professional. The internship is what you make it! Here are some testimonials from previous interns:

Photo of Megan Guyton Megan Guyton Human Resources 2016 Following her internship, Megan was hired as an HR Generalist in 2016 and is currently employed by the Adecco Group.

“The work culture here at Adecco has set a high standard.”

I began the Adecco Internship, expecting minor projects and busy work. What I received instead was on the job experience and relationships that have continued throughout my career at Adecco. The projects we were given were not busy work, but work which directly impacted the business. The Adecco team is a family, caring about the person not just the employee. They looked towards my development as a young professional and towards my future career path. I appreciate the time that each one of my mentors took with me, which has molded me in my current career at Adecco.

Photo of Elle Gough Elle Gough Procurement 2018 Following her internship, Elle was hired as a Procurement Analyst in 2018 and is currently employed by the Adecco Group.

“If you have the opportunity to intern with the Adecco Group, take it.”

Working at a Staffing Company, everyone is passionate about putting people to work, and this by no means excludes interns. My colleagues in the Procurement and Real Estate Department were always willing to teach me new skills and assist me with inquires I had about my projects. It was evident that they wanted me to succeed not only as an intern, but also as a valued member of their team. This team mentality only grew as my manager offered to extend my internship into an associate role as a Procurement Analyst at the end of the summer! My advice: If you have the opportunity to intern with the Adecco Group, take it. It will provide you with endless connections and experiences in a Fortune Global 500 Company that can kick-start your future career.

Photo of Megan Guyton Reid Elmore Human Resources 2018

“I looked forward to going into work every day...”

The internship program at the Adecco Group is extremely organized and built for interns to experience what life after college looks like in the most hands-on way possible. My experience at Adecco during my internship was nothing short of phenomenal. With mentors who cared deeply about my success, I was motivated to work hard, and gained the skills that I needed for my future in the work force. I looked forward to going into work every day because of the amazing community.

Photo of Megan Guyton Matt Sammartino Finance 2018

“[This is] the type of culture that would make me want to stay at a company.”

I’m constantly in communication with my mentor and the people I’m working under and I’ve been making and building relationships with people here almost every day. The people at Adecco are so welcoming. Everyone greets you happily and they make you feel like a part of the Adecco family. Going to work with a smile, knowing you’re wanted and appreciated on the team, makes it a lot more enjoyable and that’s the type of culture that would make me want to stay at a company for as long as I could.

Photo of Carlos Ramos Carlo Ramos Human Resources 2017

“I always felt the work I did with Adecco made an impact, and that’s a feeling rare to find in other jobs and internships.”

My internship with Adecco provided valuable exposure and insight into successfully navigating a corporate environment. Everyday marked a new opportunity to absorb new business knowledge and challenge my problem-solving skills while making real contributions to the day-to-day operations of the company. From developing company training resources to leading presentations, I always felt the work I did with Adecco made an impact, and that’s a feeling rare to find in other jobs and internships. All of this is a testament to the one aspect of Adecco I observed most: culture. They truly tailor the experience to the individual, and I couldn’t help but feel valued as an intern through the the willingness of company leadership and mentors to listen to my ideas, allocate time for weekly one-on-ones, and provide an overwhelming amount of support to help me succeed. Overall, Adecco offered a complete internship experience and will surely provide a launching pad for any career path future interns decide to pursue.

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